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1st New York City Annual Meeting

Keynote: Commissioner Anne M. Roest, DoITT

November 3, 2016
1:30 - 3:30 pm
(1:00 pm Check-In)
NYS Department of Tax & Finance
15 Metro Tech Center, Brooklyn, NY

Webex WILL NOT available for this event

Since its establishment in 1987, The NYS Forum continues to achieve its singular mission of serving New York State! Together, through collaboration with our public and private sector partners, we are able to meet the demand of government staff at all levels, in assisting to develop technology knowledge with the goal of best serving the people of New York. During 2015-2016, The NYS Forum broadened its reach through the engagement of New York City government agencies.

City agency staff participation during those early discovery sessions was instrumental in the formation of NYC Workgroups based on the technology concerns and interests of NYC government. The NYC Workgroups provide opportunities for knowledge share, peer networking and education through monthly meetings and government community wide presentations. City government benefits from the collective experience of all!

2015-2016 was a very busy year. In addition, 2016-2017 has started off strong! We cordially invite you to join us and help celebrate NYC's achievements at our 1st NYC Annual Meeting.

Keynote: Commissioner Anne M. Roest

Hear what Commissioner Roest's vision is for the year ahead.
Commissioner, Anne M. Roest was appointed the eighth Commissioner of the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) by Mayor Bill de Blasio in May 2014. As Commissioner, she is responsible for the City's foundational IT infrastructure and systems as well as oversight of major technology initiatives, including LinkNYC, a first-of-its-kind communications network that will bring the fastest available free public Wi-Fi to millions of New Yorkers, small businesses, and visitors. At DoITT, she leads a staff of nearly 1,000 people who meet the information technology needs of 45 Mayoral agencies, dozens of other governmental entities, and nearly 300,000 employees that serve 8.4 million New Yorkers, and reach millions more worldwide.

Workgroups - Advancing Best Practices

Hear from Workgroups on accomplishments and plans for moving forward.
Throughout the year, the NYC Workgroups have worked diligently to provide informative educational events based on input from the membership. The workgroup presentations will include a snapshot of the year ending and an overview of the topics they have begun working on for the year ahead.

Meet the Board of Directors

The NYS Forum Board of Directors will be recognized and are always open to hearing your thoughts about areas of particular interest to you.