Call for Presenters

The NYS Forum Business Innovation & Emerging Technologies Workgroup is pleased to solicit interested parties for presenters for the following seminar. We leverage the membership of The NYS Forum IT Corporate Roundtable as a resource to draw upon for expertise on the topic at hand. Please forward this to your marketing or communication organization, if you do not have a resource you can recommend.

Session Topic: Data and Analytics

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Albany, NY

IMPORTANT: Please read the information below thoroughly for details regarding how to submit your presenter information, what to present, important dates and rules of engagement.

Session Description - Targeted Audience:

Have you ever wanted to submit a proposal to a NYS Forum event and have been unable to achieve the necessary approvals within your organization before the submission deadline? Have you ever had the perfect content to address the topic of a NYS Forum event and have been unavailable on the event date?


The Business Innovation and Emerging Technologies Work Group recognizes that we have a vast amount of knowledge and resources available within The NYS Forum's membership, but that we may not always be able to access these resources due to constraints such as scheduling availability. That is why as we plan our 2016 line up of events focusing on data and analytics, we are distributing a Call for Presenters just to find out what you would like to present to our membership. Once proposals are received, we will identify proposals that address similar issues and complement each other nicely and use these proposals to build an event.

As we roll out this new program, we will create an opportunity to incorporate those who submit proposals into every aspect of our event planning including identifying a date for the event, marketing, selecting a moderator, etc. This program will allow us to incorporate more long-term planning into our schedule so that you can not only help us build the event that you want to participate in, but you can make sure that you are available for events that you want to attend!!!

In order to make sure that we don't deprive ourselves of any of the great resources available within our membership, we will continue to solicit calls for proposals for each individual event, but presentations that are received in response to this call may be accepted for an event before event-specific calls are distributed. This call for presenters includes two rounds of submission deadlines. While we will accept proposals on a rolling basis, preference in scheduling may be given to presenters who submit a proposal by the deadlines outlined below, with Round One submissions receiving special consideration.

As you consider the topics that you would like to present, here are some issues that have been identified as areas that would benefit our target audience:

  • What is big data and what is possible? There is interest from multiple parties about trying to give people a sense of what has been done by other groups to help them shape their own views of what could be possible.
  • What are the best practices for data integration and how can organizations model this, is there a line that can be crossed with integration that causes downstream issues?
  • How do organizations include the spatial component to data? What new opportunities emerge as a result of spatially aware data? How does this differ from other forms of data integration?
  • Lessons learned from the field (this was shared as an example: - including how data was integrated / expanded to provide new opportunities to governmental organizations.
  • Data Integration and Reporting Strategies: What are best practices and how do organizations excel?
  • What is the tipping point for moving from a Staging DB using Web Intelligence universe to establishing a Subject Area (star schema datamart)? Best practices around DBs
  • Best practices and real examples of when master data should be established in COTS as the system of record, and when it should move from COTS to a non-COTS Operational DS, vs MDM, vs BI/Analytic platform.
  • How do organizations deal with COTS systems that do not establish a traditional data model with dictionary. What are the best ways to manage the definition and gain access to it. For example, in Siebel the data layer is abstracted and accessible through an object layer which is further abstracted by a UI layer. The data layer has 3,000 out of the box tables that can be extended by adding columns, or further be extended by adding tables -- all which cannot be modeled with traditional data architecture processes. This isn't just Siebel, but can be applicable to any COTS BPM, OLTP or Case Management COTS platform.
  • Not all governmental organizations are at the same maturity level when it comes to the use of data, data analytics, or data driven decision making. There is a wide range of awareness, application, and skills. It would be helpful to highlight what is being done today, but put in practical terms so that participants leave these sessions having a sense of the next steps they can take to tackle these issues. Specifically, what are the challenges of data integration and analytics, and how can I solve them? Why should we be doing these things? What value is it to the agency? How can IT work more efficiently, doing what we are already doing, to bring better information to our customers so they have the information they need to conduct their business?
  • MDM, Data Analytics, etc. and Security - what things should we be thinking?
  • Data analytics and reporting are very dependent upon the integration of different functions. It is not always clear to the analyst, and other disciplines, how they impact each other and why each are important. More information on the IT roles of the various players in the data application, migration, integration, transformation, and analysis lifecycle, and how to better communicate requirements between these, would be helpful. Topics like - "how can we develop application structures to better support data integration & analytics?" (Use of shared tables, common lookup between applications, and standardization of data fields) would be very beneficial both in raising awareness and providing useable information.
  • Master Data Management & Data Governance. There is a general lack of understanding and misconceptions about what this is and how it fits into the day-to-day of IT. Specifically: Why is MDM & DG important to IT? How can MDM and DG cut costs and increase data quality highlighting (examples within NYS/NYC Government). How does IT develop business owner buy in to MDM & DG - "what's in it for the business?"

These are only examples and we encourage you to think of other ideas that may be relevant.

We encourage creativity in the presentation topic, in order to increase knowledge about the topic to the end user. In order to maximize the value of the event for attendees, documents such as the session presentation, glossaries, checklists, etc. will be solicited from the presenter for posting to The Forum's web site following the event, for attendees to continue their education about the subject.

All presentations must be vendor neutral. All presentations will be vetted by a group comprising members from The NYS Forum Work Groups hosting this event. Feedback and recommendations regarding final presentation material will be provided by this group.


Presentation Guidelines - Rules of Engagement

  • Presentation must be made using The NYS Forum's Power Point template.
  • Presentations must be vendor and product neutral.
  • Presenter corporate logo and contact information should appear on the first and last Power Point slides only. Corporate logo must not appear on each individual slide.
  • The presenter must discuss the topic at an expert level, and direct the presentation toward the specific targeted audience identified.
  • Presentations should be approximately 45 minutes for content, 15 minutes for Q&A
  • In order to maximize the value of the event for attendees, documents such as presentations, glossaries, checklists, etc. will be solicited from the presenter for posting to The NYS Forum web site following the event.


  • 12/9/2015 - Call for presenters distributed to vending community.
  • 12/31/2015 - Deadline for proposals from vendors.
  • 2/28/2016- Selection/notification of presenters
  • Ongoing - Events will be planned throughout the year based upon the submissions that we receive.