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Intelligent Transportation Collaboration

Session 2: Intelligent Transportation-what is
happening at the federal government level
and how are other states responding?

March 15, 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
(1:30 pm Check-In)
NYC Department of Transportation
Bid Room (ground level)
55 Water Street, New York, NY
(Please enter ground level at the building's Southeast corner entrance)

Webex available for this event


    "Intelligent transportation" is all around us: in our cars, on the roads, with new and innovative applications being conceived and deployed on a regular basis. The proliferation of Intelligent Transportation technologies are impacting many government functions, such as revenue collection, public safety, cybersecurity protection and the citizen experience.

    The Intelligent Transportation Society of America has been leading the charge to ensure coordination and collaboration in the technological modernization of our nation's transportation system by supporting the research, deployment, and public policy for the future of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). They facilitate collaboration between private companies, public agencies, research institutions and academia while educating the public about the importance of intelligent transportation systems. Their mission is to create a policy environment that drives ITS and IoT development & deepens industry engagement.

    Shailen Bhatt, the President and CEO of the ITS America will be coming to New York to share with us what they have been doing to support the technological modernization of the nationā??s transportation system. As you know ITS America's goal is to facilitate collaboration among the various stakeholders who play a role in intelligent transportation and IOT.

    Mr. Bhatt will share with us the current direction in Washington and answer questions we may have with regard to how other states are addressing many of the critical issues associated with intelligent transportation and IOT.

    In addition Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Transportation will outline what cutting edge technology they are implementing at DOT.

    This will be a good opportunity to hear, with you colleagues in the various state and local agencies, what the current trends are and how they are being implemented.


    • Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner - NYC Department of Transportation
    • Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO ITS America