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Working From Home Series

May 19, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
This will be a WEBEX ONLY event

The NYS Forum continues its presentations that address how to respond to security and privacy risks associated with our new remote worker reality due to COVID-19. This presentation will cover:

  • Beware of Phishing (what to look out for in Phishing Attacks)
    • Cyber attackers are capitalizing on remote workforces and the pandemic topic by sending fictious emails about COVID-19. Learn how to spot these fictitious emails
  • Using Secure Networks
    • How to secure a network
    • Benefits of using secure networks and the possible outcomes of not using a secure network
  • Using Secure Devices & Solutions
    • How to securely access and store data
    • Implementing multi factor authentication
    • Enabling managed device checks for mobile and desktop devices
  • Defining a clear procedure for security incidents
    • Resolution plan for security incidents, where or who employees should contact if there is a security breach

Featured Presenters

Jessica Parker, Management Consulting Manager - Accenture LLP

Jessica is a Management Consulting Manager at Accenture. She has worked at various clients within the Public Sector, specifically within the pensions industry for New York State and New York City. Jessica has worked remotely at her clients whilst practicing safe cybersecurity protocols. She has been a security advocate at her clients ensuring that data is safely sent and accessed.