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Assessing Risk in the Business Process

May 3, 2018
2:00 - 4:00 pm
(1:30 pm Check-In)
The NYS Forum
24 Aviation Road, Suite 206, Albany, NY

Can you anticipate possible risks in your business process? How can you plan for and mitigate risks, if they arise? Things go wrong. It happens. By proactively preparing with mitigation techniques and strategies, you may reduce the agony of a crisis.

This interactive session will present an overview of the risk management process and provide techniques for identifying, monitoring and mitigating risk. You will have the opportunity to practice the risk management techniques with a scenario-based planning exercise. The exercise will focus on how you would assess risk when contemplating a new initiative within your organization.

Presenter and Facilitator:

  • Doug Lapham, Director, CGI Consulting Services