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The NYS Forum IT Procurement Workgroup

IT Procurement:
Enhancing MWBE and SDVOB Participation

June 13, 2019
1:30 - 3:30 pm
(1:00 pm Check-In)
The NYS Forum
24 Aviation Road, Suite 206, Albany New York

Webex available for this event

The State of New York has established Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) goals for use when procuring state agency goods and services. These goals reflect the State's objective to obtain a "fair share" of its needs from small, minority and women-owned businesses and to comply with Executive Law Article 15-A, Economic Development Law Article 4A and the rules and regulations that govern the state program.

Governor Cuomo has made increased MWBE utilization a priority for his administration, and has set an ambitious overall goal to increase MWBE participation in State contracting to 30%.

In addition, the Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act also establishes a six percent goal for participation in state contracts by service disabled veteran-owned businesses (SDVOB). SDVOB firms must be certified by the Office of General Services in order to receive credit in the procurement process.

Why: While increasing the diversity of the State's procurement of goods and services is a laudatory goal, achieving the targeted participation of MWBE's and SDVOB's in New York State's IT contracts is sometimes challenging. Despite the New York State Department of Economic Development's push to certify bona fide MWBE firms, the process can be challenging and quite time consuming. And while state agencies work diligently to meet their MWBE compliance goals, it is sometimes difficult to match MWBE firms to the needs of state agencies' IT goals. Additionally, there are often challenges in identifying SDVOB firms to participate in New York State's IT contracts.

New York State and the Governor's Office has sponsored a number of seminars aimed at encouraging MWBEs and SDVOBs to participate in State agency contracting and there have been sessions aimed at matching IT firms with potential MWBE and SDVOB subcontractors. This session will be unique since our goal will be to focus on how to draft RFP's, RFQ's and IT specifications to develop opportunities and ultimately contracts aimed at increasing MWBE and SDVOB participation.

In this session, we will explore the following:

  • Best practices in IT procurement-what works and what doesn't work in getting MWBEs and SDVOB firms to participate in state agency IT contracts?
  • How to best develop RFPs and RFQs to make them most attractive to MWBE and SDVOB firms and the prime vendors they often partner with?
  • How do firms identify and vet the capabilities of MWBE and SDVOB subcontractors?
  • Are there various qualifications or terms and conditions that inhibit the participation of MWBE and SDVOB firms in contracting opportunities?
  • What opportunities are available for MWBE and SDVOB firms to serve as prime contractors?
  • What are large technology companies looking for in partnering with MWBEs and SDVOBs? What makes them attractive and what's the best way for MWBE and SDVOB firms to partner with prime vendors? and;
  • What lessons has the State learned from past state agency contracts? What are examples of IT RFP's and contracts that comply with the statewide MWBE and SDVOB goals?


  • 1:00 - Registration
  • 1:30 - Welcome and Purpose of the Program - IT Workgroup
  • 1:35 - Overview of MWBE Certification and the Governorâ??s Goals
    • Carol Mead, Director of Operations and Support
    • Division of Minority and Women's Business Enterprise
    • Empire State Development
  • Overview of the SDVOB Program and Goals
    • Anthony Tomaselli, Senior Program Analyst
    • Division of SDVOB
    • New York State OGS
  • 2:00 - One agency's experience with MWBE Compliance
    • Moses Kamya, Chief Information Officer, Office of the State Attorney General
  • 2:30 - Panel Discussion on IT Procurement - what works and what doesnâ??t
    • ITS
    • Marc Kleinhenz, NYS Office of General Services
    • Randy McConnach, Section Head, OSC
    • Vendor Representatives: Kishor Bagul, CEO, Cloud and Things, and another representative firm TBD
  • 3:15 - Questions and Discussion