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The NYC Project Management Workgroup

Organizational Change Management

June 19, 2018
1:30 - 3:00 pm
(1:00 pm Check-In)
NYC Law Department
100 Church St, New York, NY

Webex available for this event

How can integrating Organizational Change Management (OCM) techniques into project execution promote the success of government initiatives? Project success is heavily influenced by the acceptance of the organizational and process-related changes of a new program. The objective of this series will be to show the benefits of the adoption of OCM and provide a foundation for incorporating OCM within government project execution. Part 1 of the series will include examples of government experience with OCM integration. Part 2, to be scheduled in July, will have an OCM tactical theme.


  • How to plan for, manage and reinforce OCM throughout the project lifecycle.
  • New and leading change practices and techniques (e.g. data-driven change management).
  • Case Study: Overcoming a history of failed system implementations through effective change management.
  • Case Study: The role of Change Management in launching and sustaining cross-agency efficiency initiatives for the City of New York


  • Vikas Mittal, Managing Director, Accenture
  • Michael Moiseyev, Senior Assistant Director, NYC Office of Management and Budget
  • Rebecca Reilly, Director, KPMG People & Change Practice, KPMG LLP