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Resource Portfolio Management

How to Enhance and Manage your Portfolio Value through Connected Resource Management

September 28, 2016
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
(2:00 pm Check-In)
The NYS Forum
24 Aviation Road, Suite 206, Albany New York

Webex available for this event

Portfolio Management is more than a book of work. It needs to be a living, breathing negotiation between the business asking for more work and the delivery group communicating what is feasible. Portfolio Management is a conduit through which communication between operations and the business can occur. Explaining work needed to accomplish strategic growth while maintaining current commitments is critical to setting priorities, expectation and building a level of trust between the parties. Frequent or ungoverned shifting of priorities and missed delivery outcomes leads to mistrust on both sides. Managing resources as part of the portfolios can provide critical constraints and impact analysis to prioritization shifts that help provide clarity to this often circular discussion.

Come join us! In this session, we will:

  • Outline the connection between company direction, portfolio planning and resource management
  • Delve into the critical use cases resource management encompasses across all work - innovation and production support
  • Understand how resource information fills the communication gap between desired outcomes and delivery through negotiated prioritization


Sonja Furneaux,, Sr. Principal Consultant, CA PPM, CA Technologies
As a Senior Principal Consultant at CA Technologies, Sonja is responsible for providing product and industry knowledge in regards to the broad topic of Portfolio Management. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and previous financial and integration knowledge, Sonja offers a unique perspective and practicality in planning, managing, and delivering work effectively.
Sonja has been with CA Technologies for over 8 years in this role with a high competence in IT Financial Management, Resource Management, IIPA, Six Sigma, PSA, and a host of work execution methodologies including being SAFe certified. Her passion for the space is infectious. She loves the reach that the PPM industry has into organizations of all sizes and purpose, engaging with a clientâ??s culture, understanding their challenges and demonstrating solutions of real value. Sonja holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Hartford.