Accessibility for Executives

Hosted by:
The NYS Forum IT Accessibility Committee

Thursday, April 23, 2009
9:00 am - Noon
(8:30 am Check-in)

Crowne Plaza Albany
State & Lodge Street
Albany, NY

New York State has a web accessibility policy covering both Internet and intranet sites, requiring state entity web sites to be in compliance with New York's hybrid web accessibility standard. Many managers and content providers are unaware of the state's accessibility requirements or do not fully understand them.

This session is being hosted by The NYS Forum's IT Accessibility Committee and will consist of a briefing on different disabilities and how they affect your web site's visitors. A roundtable discussion will follow the briefing and will provide insight on how to create compelling, attractive web sites using assistive technologies, that do not exclude people with disabilities.


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Accessibility for Executives