The NYS Forum, Inc. Annual Planning Session: August 17, 2011

With the month of September on the horizon, The NYS Forum, Inc. is nearing the conclusion of its 2011 fiscal and program year. The end of 2011 also inches us closer to a significant milestone for the organization - our 25th year of operation. Reaching this milestone is an achievement that is tied directly to the dedication and engagement of The Forum's members and leadership.

Daniel C. Chan, Acting NYS Chief Information Officer and Acting Director of Office for Technology will provide the keynote presentation. Dan will propose, in a fiscally constrained environment, how technology leaders may act as an agent for change to drive innovation, improve businesses processes and generate greater operational efficiencies. In particular, he will highlight some of the industrial trends that are thought provoking in shaping enterprise IT solutions.

Please plan to attend this annual planning event which will provide the opportunity to review and celebrate the annual accomplishments of The Forum Work Groups and members. The activities and accomplishments achieved on an annual basis make up the foundation supporting 24 years of existence.

Like our government and corporate sector members, The Forum has experienced changes on many levels over the last year. New York State as a whole is undergoing a fundamental change with a focus on transitioning the state to a new level of competency, efficiency and leadership. This changing environment requires us to be forward thinking and develop a plan to strengthen and position The Forum to sustain itself as a unique, relevant and valued organization. Attending this annual meeting will provide you with first-hand knowledge of The Forum's strategic planning efforts currently underway.

Important Considerations:

Pre-Registration for this event is required by August 12th

Update Your Account Profile: When registering, please take a moment to review and update your account profile so that we have accurate contact information and requests for reasonable accommodations.

ITCR Special Note: Due to the consistently high level of interest in this annual event, we are asking members of The Forum's IT Corporate Roundtable to limit attendance to two representatives per corporate member. Corporate members who serve as Work Group Co-Chairs and plan to attend are not counted as part of the two corporate representative limit.

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Time & Place:

  • Wednesday, August 17, 2011
  • 8:30 am - 12:00 pm (Check-in at 8:00 am)
  • The Desmond, 660 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY
  • Directions