Call for Presenters

The NYS Forum is pleased to solicit interested parties for presenters to address the topic of Intelligent Transportation.

Session Topic: Intelligent Transportation

Date: Various TBD
Location: Albany and NYC
Submission due date: March 5, 2018

IMPORTANT: Please read the information below thoroughly for details regarding how to submit your presenter information, what to present, important dates and rules of engagement.

Session Description / Target Audience: In order to bring together the numerous NY government agencies involved in the area of intelligent transportation, The NYS Forum, through the Business Innovation and Emerging Technologies Workgroup, is developing a collaboration focused on education, knowledge sharing and collaborative engagement in the area of intelligent transportation. The term "intelligent transportation" is the broad term used to cover a wide range of initiatives. These initiatives, while they may differ from agency to agency, all bring with them common concerns and challenges. The collaboration has identified a number of State and City agencies that may have an interest in learning from our corporate partners as well as other state officials who have been involved in aspects of intelligent transportation.

Presentation topics may include the following: Specifically, we are seeking presenters who can address the following questions:

  • Who are the government leaders in the Intelligent Transportation Arena?
  • What are they doing?
  • How did they get there?
  • What are the considerations in regard to the following aspects of Intelligent Transportation:
    • Data Governance
    • Cyber Security
    • Ride Sharing
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Augmented Reality
    • Interaction with 311 Systems
    • Public Private Partnerships
  • What technologies are on the horizon that state and city agencies should be aware of?
  • In addition, the collaboration would be very interested in hearing from leaders from the states that have implemented innovative interagency programs.
  • How are municipalities combining their IOT initiatives with intelligent transportation projects to succeed as a "Smart City"?

Presentations must be designed to inform attendees on any of the above outlined topics and also provide them with practical, actionable information that they can apply immediately to their own environments.

All presentations must be vendor neutral. Presentation content will be vetted by members of The NYS Forum Work Groups hosting this event. Feedback and recommendations regarding final presentation material will be provided by this group.


Presentation Guidelines - Rules of Engagement

  • Presentation must be made using The NYS Forum's Power Point template.
  • Presenter corporate logo and contact information should appear on the first and last Power Point slides only. Corporate logo must not appear on each individual slide.
  • The presenter must discuss the topic at an expert level, and direct the presentation toward the specific targeted audience identified.
  • Provide proposed length of presentation, i.e., 45 minutes for content, 15 minutes for Q&A


  • 2/12/2018 - Call for presenters distributed to vendor community.
  • 3/5/2018 - Deadline for proposals from vendors.

As presentations are selected, presenters and/or their contacts will be notified to discuss an appropriate date, time and place for the presentation. The full schedule, as it pertains to draft and final Power Point presentation due dates, will be determined and provided accordingly to the event date.