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The NYS Forum NYC-ITCR Meeting

December 18, 2019
9:00 - 10:30 am (8:30 am Check-In/Networking)
641 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011

Guest Presenter:
Ijeoma Genevieve Mbamalu - Assistant Deputy Commissioner,
Technology, New York City Department of Social Services

Ijeoma Genevieve Mbamalu is the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Technology for the Department of Homeless Services, a subsidiary of The Department of Social Services in the City of New York. Ms. Mbamalu is a capable, proven, and charismatic Technology Leader with 10+ years as a Data Science professional. She is currently a C level leader, commanding a variety of data and analytics efforts as well as technology development, design and implementation for a mission critical agency in one of the world's largest metropolis.

Her astonishing rise to leadership has placed her in the trenches on myriad technological advancements and innovations that directly impact government's delivery of mission-critical services for hundreds of thousands of extremely vulnerable citizens. Ms. Mbamalu has stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the nation's most innovative minds and conceptualized groundbreaking digital solutions, and brought them to fruition.

Her work related to technology is tangible and provides a measured track record. Her story provides the realization of the principles and the perspective that we all aspire to affirm in our world today. A first generation American citizen and a woman of African heritage, who has worked her way up from an entry level data scientist to a design and analytics technology executive at the helm of multi-million dollar office, with hundreds of technologists for a multi-billion dollar agency in a world renowned urbanhub. A "hidden figure" in one of the most consequential sectors of today, Ms. Mbamalu is an example of women's achievement in what is still a male dominated field.

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