Business Continuity and Information Security - A Great Pair!

This session was hosted in conjunction with GTC East and was held on September 30, 2004 from 1:00pm - 2:30pm in Meeting Room 6, The Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany, NY 12242.

Presenters: The NYS Forum, Keane Consulting, Symantec Corporation, NYS Department of State

Everybody has a part in Business Continuity. From tech support and application programmers to systems analysts, everybody is already taking actions to help out the Business Continuity planning process.

What business unit does not have staff reductions to meet their target fill levels? What business unit is not having difficulties meeting its business goals? A good Business Continuity Plan will assist in the identification of key business processes so that efforts can be focused on balancing staff shortages with meeting business goals.

Like Business Continuity, Information Security requires much of the same effort. The implementation of any security measures needs to take into account the value of the information you are protecting. The inventory process of systems, the identification of information owners and establishment of information value are key to both Information Security and Business Continuity.

Education is key. Information owners need to make this a priority. Instead of thinking of what could go wrong, time is spent dealing with what did go wrong with daily brushfires. It is ALL about prioritizing. Without learning how to prioritize, business managers go from today's chaos to utter crisis in the event of an incident. What happens if the technology and information they are using in every day chaos all of a sudden disappears?