Cloud Computing Work Group Kickoff Meeting

Session Overview

The purpose of the Cloud Computing Work Group is to provide government IT leadership with learning opportunities related to the technologies, policies, benefits, risks, risk mitigation and costs associated with cloud computing.

The first meeting of the Cloud Computing Work Group will be on November 16th, 2010. We expect to discuss our agenda for the year at this meeting. At the Forum planning event the interest in cloud computing was evidenced by the fact that it drew more "priority votes" for its suggested initiatives than has ever has been the case in recent history (22% of the 243 votes cast). It also had the single highest vote-getting suggested initiative which is to " cloud computing shared service opportunities across agencies." The consistency of this prioritization by representatives of state agencies and the prioritization reflected as part of The Forum's MetroNY Initiative holds great potential for The Forum to develop programs around this topic and replicate/share them via webcasting with these two highly interested government audiences. Opportunities for greater synergy is possible since many suggested cloud computing initiatives also related to security concerns so there will be great potential for inter-Work Group collaboration on this high interest topic

At each meeting of the Cloud Computing Work Group we would like to have a relevant presentation relating to the cloud. We feel that the initial meeting should cover one of two topics: Legal and security implications of cloud computing or The opportunity for shared services. Our second meeting would potentially provide the opportunity to present on the alternate topic.

While many agencies have expressed interest in using cloud based services, many legal departments within these agencies have expressed significant concern over the security and privacy of information. This roadblock needs to be removed to permit the opportunity to leverage cloud based resources. A presentation on the legal and security implications of cloud computing should be specifically focused on how to address counsel's concerns and management concerns with regards to security and privacy.


  • Nathan Freitas, NYS Senate Lead Technologist, is the point person on the Senate's mobile apps and cloud technology deployments. He'll be describing how the New York State Senate uses the Cloud to reduce application development time, reduce hosting costs, and facilitate collaborative development of software for governments.
  • Girish Chhugani, Executive Director of Enterprise Application Services for the NYC Department of Information and Telecommunications (DOITT), is also New York City's lead individual for cloud computing initiatives. He will be speaking about how the cloud is relevant to shared services across NYC, Mayor Bloomberg's Executive Order for a consolidated IT infrastructure, New York City's Enterprise Capabilities Workgroup and CitiServ, which will include a hybrid cloud component to deliver services to New York City government.


  • Welcome and co-chair introduction
  • Recap of the planning session meeting
  • Adopt a mission statement for the workgroup
  • Presentation - Nathan Freitas
  • "Understand the audience" - a dialogue to understand what initiatives workgroup attendees have underway relative to the cloud
  • Initial goals discussion
  • Sub-committee setup to pursue goals
  • Workgroup communications methods
  • Presentation - Girish Chuugani


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Cloud Computing Work Group Planning Session

Girish Chhugani

Nathan Freitas


Time & Place:

  • Tuesday, November 16, 2010
  • 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany, NY - Meeting Room 5
  • Directions
  • Parking