Aligning Data Strategies with Business Strategies - A NYS Forum GTC-East Presentation

Photo of Tom Ruller, Project Manager for NYSED,  presented the NYS Student Identification System (NYSSIS) initiativeThe New York State Office of the CIO has defined and issued the Principles Governing The New York State Information Technology Enterprise Architecture (External Link) to support the business and program priorities of the state. The foundation of this multi-tiered architecture is the Information Layer that will facilitate information sharing across the enterprise through data standardization and integration. A prerequisite of this initiative is to ensure the accuracy of the information within the database - a complex challenge that CIO's and database administrators have encountered for decades. This presentation detailed the progression of techniques employed to accomplish this task, and the application of emerging technologies in New York State.


  • Robert Fragola, Vice President Sales and Marketing, ChoiceMaker Technologies

    Ensuring Data Quality is at the foundation of all government initiatives at the Agency and Enterprise levels. The common terminology for ensuring data quality includes; record matching, record de-duplication, merge and purge, data scrubbing, data cleansing, and database hygiene. There are an array of technologies available and methodologies used to reach this goal and this presentation will discuss and analyze such protocols as accuracy, speed, portability, scalability, and flexibility of data sets.

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  • Thomas Ruller, Manager of the Statewide Student Data System project, New York State Education Department (SED)

    SED has launched the New York State Student Identification System (NYSSIS). NYSSIS provides each of New York State's 2.9 million students with a secure unique identifier. This unique identifier greatly improves SED's and the local district's capability to measure the performance of students over time. This presentation will discuss how SED is using the data quality techniques to accomplish this task across multiple disparate state and local school district databases located throughout the state.

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  • Brian Brewer, Chief Technology Officer, InfoLibrarian Corporation

    The volume of Enterprise data is growing exponentially and most IT infrastructures are not equipped to effectively apply this data to meet business objectives due to the difficulty in developing and managing a metadata repository. Metadata, "the data about the data", is the cornerstone of virtually all Enterprise applications and those organizations that have initiated successful metadata projects, such as Intel, report a return on investment reaching 6:1. This presentation will detail the critical components of an effective metadata repository, the application within the enterprise, and advances in technology that are emerging to meet this challenge.

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