Document Management - The 3 R's - Requirements, Retention and Recall

Hosted by The Forum's Emerging Technologies Committee

Today's organizations are challenged in many ways with the handling, storage, archiving and retrieval of paper and electronic forms. Government regulations are causing an increased demand to develop or refine processes to meet their requirements.

The Forum's Emerging Technologies Committee hosted an in-depth seminar addressing today's document management challenges; from the legal ramifications and sanctions of a failed process to today's government regulations; from the business issues that are driving policy to the future of storage solutions, today's presenters will explore it all.

Agenda & Presentations:

Managing E-Documents
Ann Marie Przybyla, Manager, Records Service Development, New York State Archives
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Variations on a Theme? Electronic Records Management

Records are records are records-regardless of format-and there are laws in New York State that govern their management in state agencies and local governments. Ann Marie Przybyla from the New York State Archives will highlight the records management issues that must be taken into consideration when dealing with electronic records and discuss the challenge of managing records in a digital environment.

John Bace, Vice President Compliance, Risk, & Leadership Research Group, Gartner, Inc.

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John Bace is a research vice president with Gartner's Compliance, Risk, & Leadership research group, where he focuses on the impact of public policy issues - including regulatory compliance and e-discovery - on Information Technology. He is also a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP). Before moving into the IT field more than 20 years ago, Mr. Bace was a journalist for a wire service and broadcast network, where he covered state and local governments and the U.S. Congress. Mr. Bace's comments will focus on the impact of million dollar court sanctions and billion dollar jury awards stemming from mishandled data as well as the impact of the revisions of an arcane set of judicial procedures have had on organizational document retention policies. He believes the fear of these new rules regarding e-discovery have fanned the flames of technological hype not seen since Y2K and the dot-com boom.

Document/Data Life Cycle Management
Jack Domme, Executive Vice President, Global Solutions Strategy and Development, Hitachi Data Systems

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As executive vice president, Jack leads a unified product and services organization tasked with product strategy and development at Hitachi Data Systems. Some of his current responsibilities include Hardware and Software Product Management, Chief Technology Office, Product Marketing, Quality Assurance, Global Academy, Technical Operations, Global Solution Services, and Business Development and Alliances. Jack spent 14 years at HP managing the information and content strategies. These coupled with his wealth of experience and knowledge of data solutions technology enables Jack to speak to not only the current issues around data/document life cycle management, but as an industry visionary for future emerging technologies. Jack will touch on topics during his presentation such as document management (life cycle), regulatory concerns, policies on how to prioritize data and storage strategies, immutability, risk analysis, and futures in storage solutions.

Entering the E-World. The County Experience
Pam Vogel, County Clerk & Records Management Officer and Tom Lynch, County Records Manager, Warren County

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County clerks throughout New York State are increasingly reliant on electronic systems to manage land-related records: deeds, mortgages, liens, and many other records documenting real estate transactions and property ownership. These systems are used to maintain the official or use copies of records, to document the payment of filing fees, and to facilitate title searches. They also have the capability to manage county court and other records filed with county clerks.

Pam Vogel, County Clerk and Records Management Officer of Warren County, and Tom Lynch, the County Records Manager, will discuss the records management aspects of conducting land transactions electronically, based on their own experiences. Some of the issues they will address include data conversion, use, preservation, migration, and integrity.

OPTICS - A Picture of Success
Tom Schofield, CIO, NYS Workers' Compensation Board

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Tom's presentation will walk us through a case study of the Board's OPTICS project which re-engineered the organization and processes at the Board and introduced a sophisticated claims processing system that is fully image and workflow enabled.

Tom started State service in 1972 with the Office of Mental Health. In 1992, Tom transferred to the NYS Workers' Compensation Board as part of a team of professionals responsible for re-engineering the Claims processing system at the Board. The project was called OPTICS (Organization, Process, and Technology Innovations for Customer Service). The project was a major re-engineering of the Board's organizational structure, processes, procedures, and supporting technology. Tom was responsible for all of the organizational changes required to make the project a success. Tom went on to serve as Director of Finance and then Director of Compliance and Regulatory Services. In 2001, Tom became Director of Information and Management Services were he was responsible for Application Development, Security, Business Continuity, Staff Development, and all of the budget and personnel functions in IMS. In 2006, Tom was named as the Board's Chief Information Officer.

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