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Energy use continues to increase nationwide, energy prices continue to rise, and energy infrastructure continues to age. At the same time, pollutant emissions, including greenhouse gases, continue to further degrade the atmosphere, threatening more severe changes in climate. Consumers are paying more for energy than ever before and prices are more volatile. Though a problem of global proportions, its solution rests with taking actions at local, state and national levels. In response to this challenge, a key initiative to address these issues in New York State is the Governor's commitment to reduce the state's energy consumption 15% by 2015. With the announcement of that New York State program on April 19, 2007, many organizations in New York began assessing actions they might take to advance the agenda for meeting the Governor's goal.

The Forum and NYSERDA (External Link) joined forces in late 2007 to undertake the planning and offering of this event, New York State's first "Green IT Conference." Every effort has been made to provide an agenda that represents current, creative solutions and ideas for addressing the major challenges of reducing IT-related energy consumption.

Agenda and Presentations:


Time & Place:

  • Thursday, April 10, 2008
  • 9:00 am to 3:45 pm (7:30 Check-in/Registration)
  • Empire State Plaza, Albany NY