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Service Management Introduced

June 20th PresentersThe Service and Operations Management Workgroup held its first event on June 20, 2013, titled: "Service Management Introduced".  About 150 people attended either in person or via the web.  They represented more than 20 State agencies and more than a dozen private companies, and all corners of the State.  The goal of this session was to provide a high level introduction on IT Service Management (ITSM) and share information regarding the current NYS Service Management Program status and plan.

The event kicked off with a presentation by Margaret Hanlon from HP on "Availability".  It included a discussion of how many "9's" is good enough, and differences in the criticality of system availability as related to the needs of the customers.  She was followed by Sriram Damaraju from KPMG who spoke on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and how it relates to Service Management.  Sri provided several examples of processes and functions across the service life cycle.

June 20th CrowdThe final presentation featured Duane Averill, Director or Service Management for ITS and Greg Wheeler, ITSM Lead for ITS with an "Overview and Status of the NYS ITSM Initiative".  They concentrated on the seven core critical processes which ITS will be putting in place over the next several months, with a brief statement on our current status and a more in depth presentation of our vision and goals in each area.

The event concluded with a Q & A session where ITS -COO, Kim McKinney and ITS - CTO, Nancy Mulholland joined in to provide answers and more information.  Several more events are planned in the coming months.

The presentation and reference materials may be viewed at: