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February 2019 ITCR Meeting
Guest Speaker: Jack Hess, Deputy Director of IT, Cortland County

The NYS Forum November 2019 ITCR MeetingFor the February 2019 Albany ITCR meeting, we were joined by Deputy Director of IT - Cortland County, Jack Hess. Also acting as President of NYSLGITDA, Jack spoke to how NYSLGITDA actively engages with a range of NYS agencies and on working closely with NYS Office of Information Technology Services to mitigate the impact of NYS system implementations. All the while working to improve the intended results.

Following the presentation, there was an active and dynamic Q&A/Open Discussion session involving those in attendance. The event was extremely constructive and turned into an invigorating and captivating exchange of information and ideas providing much food for thought and plans for action

Thanks to Jack Hess and for all of those who attended.

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