2006 NYS Forum Strategic Planning Session

Photo of Jon Haverly of Keane, Inc. facilitating the Planning SessionOn Friday, July 14th over eighty NYS Forum leaders and committee members gathered at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center for the NYS Forum's Annual Planning Session. This annual session was facilitated by Jon Haverly of Keane, Inc. and provided an opportunity for The Forum committees to air their plans for the coming year and solicit input from the broader audience regarding new ideas. The morning session was opened by Celia Hamblin, CIO, NYS Department of Labor and Chair of the NYS Forum Executive Committee, who reviewed the accomplishments of the committees during the 2005-2006 program year.

The session included the opportunity for every participant to cast three votes for the 2006-2007 proposed committee initiatives they felt were of the highest priority. Of a total of 243 possible votes, 209 were actually cast. This priority voting clearly indicated that the voting participants felt that the state's coming leadership transition deserves special attention. Of all the committee initiatives posted and eligible for receiving votes, two related to the conduct of executive level, transition briefings received the highest (10% of the total votes cast). The Business Continuity Committee and the Project Management Committee put those two, very similar initiatives forth. The committees whose initiatives attracted the most priority votes were Business Continuity (38), Procurement (32) and Project Management (31).

Forum Officers and Committee leaders will be reviewing the outcomes of the planning session in preparation for the commencement of the 2006-2007 program year on October 1st. The final committee program initiatives will then be plotted against the goals and initiatives inherent to the NYS IT Strategic Plan to illustrate the degree to which there is alignment and, more specifically, to determine where NYS Forum committees can best engage the CIO Council Committee leadership to support achievement of state IT goals.

For information on the accomplishments achieved by all NYS Forum committees during 2005-2006 program year and an indication of the projected 2006-2007 committee initiatives, including those suggested on July 14, 2006 along with the results of the priority voting, visit Forum Committees Initiatives and Accomplishments.

Photo of Forum members casting their votes


8:30 am


Review of 2005-2006 Committee Achievements

Introduction of Session Facilitator, Jon Haverly

Celia Hamblin, CIO NYS Department of Labor and Chair, NYS Forum Executive Committee

Overview of the session format, topics and intended outcomes

Jon Haverly, Senior Principal Consultant, Keane, Inc., Member, NYS Forum Project Management Committee and Session Facilitator

9:00 am

Committee/table suggestions and discussion of potential 2006-2007 initiatives

Table discussions facilitated by committee co-chairs

9:45 am


10:00 am

Committees report out

Discussion and opportunity for new suggestions from the floor

Moderated by the Facilitator with all suggestions captured on newsprint

11:00 am

Prioritize Initiatives

All attendees

11:20 am

Summary of 2006-2007 prioritization outcomes

Leigh Favitta, Director, Information Services, NYS Dormitory Authority and Vice-Chair of the NYS Forum Executive Committee

11:30 am

Closing Announcements

Diane Taylor, Project Director, Office of the State Comptroller and Secretary/Treasurer of the NYS Forum Executive Committee