Quality Assurance and Control

Room photo of Quality Assurance and Control seminarDownload the presentation (Presenter: Tim McManus, CGI-AMS; link opens in a new window):

The New York State Forum Project Management Community of Practice, sponsored this free seminar entitled Quality Assurance and Control, for those involved in project management.

The Challenge

Project Managers are frequently asked how they can ensure quality to standards and processes, and what controls are in place to monitor adherence to those standards. Additionally, project managers may be asked to justify QA tasks in the project schedule to stakeholders whom may not understand its value to the project. The challenge is to understand that QA is not an event, but that it is an important repeatable process embedded in the life cycle of the project, to ensure healthy project success.

The Seminar

This seminar provided an overview of:

  • Quality Assurance and Control,
  • Risk and Issue Identification and Management,
  • Lessons Learned, and
  • Best Practices.