Get 'On Track' With RFID

The Forum's Emerging Technologies Committee hosted this seminar on RFID (radio frequency identification) exploring the technical requirements, potential applications and policy implications of this expanding technology.

We're all familiar with EZ Pass but RFID is much more than tolls and parking. Both Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense are requiring RFID tagged shipments from their largest suppliers. RFID applications today also include supply chain management, security and access control, asset and document management. RFID tagging can be used for monitoring the whereabouts of supplies, equipment, evidence, documents, animals - and people. RFID has arrived and its uses will be expanding significantly in the next several years.

Agenda and Presentations:

  • RFID - A Technical Perspective

    Tony Imbriaco, Senior Director of Worldwide RFID Business Development, Sybase

    This presentation will detail the history of RFID, the components that comprise an RFID system, typical system architectures, and standards.

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  • RFID - Emerging Applications for a Proven Technology

    Alan Melling, Senior Director of Business Development - RFID, Symbol Technologies

    This presentation will overview existing applications for RFID including supply chain management, security and access control, asset and document management; and emerging applications that will proliferate as the cost of RFID deployment decreases.

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  • RFID Systems - Market Trends and Opportunities for Public Service

    Paul Mathans, Manager, Emerging Technologies RFID Public Sector, BearingPoint

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-its rewards and ramifications-is causing some of the biggest waves in the business world today. This session will focus on the global market trends within the RFID community and application opportunities for Public Service. Paul Mathans is an expert on the delivery of emerging technology strategies and solutions including RFID, and wireless/mobility.

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