SOA - The Enterprise Perspective

The Forum's Emerging Technologies Committee hosted this in-depth seminar on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) that explored: business drivers and applications; technical requirements and architectures; and the challenges and benefits that surround the deployment of technology in this expanding sector.

Enterprises in the public and private sectors have deployed an impressive array of SOA solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase constituent satisfaction. The use of standard, Internet-based protocols to connect applications, organizations and people is drawing technologists to SOA as a lightweight, standard way to expose software functions as services, each of which accomplishes a single discrete business objective, without a preconceived context of how it will be used. This makes it easier to bring together services from multiple underlying applications to automate complex tasks.

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Agenda and Presentations:

Introductions: Peter Finn, Finance Director and Chief Information Officer, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and co-chair of The Forum's Emerging Technologies Committee

SOA - the OCIO's Perspective - Michael Donovan, NYS Deputy Chief Information Officer

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Zachman Framework: The Road to SOA? - Jeffrey Grunfeld, Chief Information Officer, NYS Office of the State Comptroller.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become a much-used buzzword in the IT community, but a methodology that asks questions like "what services are required by the enterprise eco system," is bound to get confusing. John Zachman, the creator of Enterprise Architecture, started down the road to SOA some 40 years ago, explaining his methodology through the use of the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture. This presentation will discuss Zachman and show how the concepts of his framework can facilitate and enhance ones understanding of SOA.

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Understanding SOA with Web Services - Greg Lomow, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Lead System Architect, Solution Architecture Group, BearingPoint, Inc.

This session provides an overview of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) including: definitions of SOA and Web services; common business drivers indicating the need for a SOA; the benefits of SOA and Web services; and an overview of the SOA Transformation Process. This session also discusses how the mission and activities of an organization can be mapped to services and a SOA.

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SOA: Driven Projects - Tangible Results - Dan Powers, Vice President World Wide SOA Sales, IBM

The "art" of making SOA consumable in government involves selecting appropriate departmental driven projects that drive tangible results today and positions you for continued benefits in your ongoing SOA journey. SOA entry points of people, information, and process provide a framework to select, design, and implement SOA projects which will drive the right results. This presentation will discuss these SOA entry points with examples of SOA projects in government.

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Case Study: "Enabling Users with System Integration" - Brian Digman, Chief Information Officer, NYS Department of Tax and Finance

This session will focus on tools and practices that will enable your users to take advantage of new techniques in an integrated environment that enables object re-use across the enterprise and streamlines operations. It will feature the successful implementation of e-MPIRE (e- Managed Processes for an Integrated Revenue Enterprise) System, a new tax processing architecture that integrates multiple platforms utilizing a common technology and application framework (e.g., SOA, JAVA, standardized user interface), database, rules engine, single sign-on and automated workflow.

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Case Study: "Feasting on Services - the OAG's SOA Cookbook" - Robert Vitello, Chief Information Officer, NYS Office of the Attorney General

The OAG is writing a menu of what it plans to consume and what it plans to serve-up on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) dinner table. The presentation explains: why the OAG initiated a SOA approach to Application development; how the suite of Applications has had a major impact on the OAG's entire Enterprise Architecture; and the new recipes for cooking up future extensions to legacy, and new, Applications. This session is a "call-to-arms" for CIO's to work towards providing, orchestrating, and choreographing real services in a new statewide, service-oriented banquet hall.

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