2005 Forum Strategic Planning Session

On the morning of Friday, July 15, 2005 The Forum's Executive Committee, Roundtable representatives and committee co-chairs gathered at the Crowne Plaza for the annual, half-day organizational planning meeting.

Photo of Jonathan Blake of Keane facilitating the Planning SessionThe meeting was facilitated by Jonathan Blake of Keane and featured presentations of what Forum Officers felt were exemplary committee practices. The committee presentations included the Security Committee's use of national web casting as a means for extending outreach to Forum programs; The IT Accessibility committee's leverage of GOER and employee union training funds to address IT accessibility training; and the Project Management committee's close engagement and support of the CIO Council.

All committees presented an overview of their accomplishments for 2004-2005 and their tentatively planned initiatives for 2005-2006. Those reports were followed by small group discussions that yielded suggested new initiatives for each of the committees and for The Forum as an organization. The closing process of prioritization yielded a very high interest in initiatives proposed for the IT Procurement Committee (particularly holding a session on Sarbanes-Oxley and another on lobbying) and the Emerging Technology Committee (conducting sessions on VOIP, RFID, etc.). All of the suggested initiatives for the committees and The Forum in general including those noted "new" that came of the July 15th session (along with the priority votes cast by participants-in parenthesis) can be found at Forum Committees Initiatives and Accomplishments.

Room photo of Planning Session participants casting their vote for 2005-2006 initiativesGovernment employees or corporations interested in becoming active with The Forum and its committee initiatives should contact Greg Benson or Rebecca Buchner at 518/443-5001 or by emailing [email protected].

Agenda and Presentations:

7:30 am Check-in/Coffee/Refreshments
8:00 am Welcome
Review of 2004-'05 Key Committee Achievements
Introduction of Session Facilitator
Joanne Riddett, Director, Department of Information Technology, NYS Thruway Authority and Chair, NYS Forum Executive Committee
Overview of the session format, topics and intended outcomes
Jonathan Blake, Account Manager, Keane, Inc.
8:15 am Models of Committee Productivity and Support
Security (National web cast initiative)
JoAnn Bomeisl, Insurance Department, Chris Labatt-Simon, D&D Consulting and Chris Lloyd, Keane, Inc.

Download the presentation:

IT Accessibility (Employee organization-supported education and training/Partnership with WOW)
Debra Orton, GOER; Mike Short, Civil Service and Lisa Hebert Ryan, MicroKnowledge
Project Management (Peer Review Process/Executive Briefing Session)
Nancy Mulholland, Worker's Compensation Board and Jonathan Blake, Keane, Inc.
8:45 am Brief review/clarification of 2005-'06 projected committee initiatives based on (1) individual committee initiatives derived from committee work with membership and (2) CIO Council Co-Chair suggestions made on June 8, 2005
Joanne Riddett and Jonathan Blake
9:45 am Break
10:00 am Open Discussion
Joanne Riddett and Jonathan Blake
11:00 am Summary of outcomes and prioritization of Committee initiatives for
Jonathan Blake and Celia Hamblin, CIO, NYS Department of Labor and Vice Chair, NYS Forum Executive Committee
11:45 am     Adjourn