Is Your Agency Ready for IP Telephony?

Sponsored by The NYS Forum's Emerging Technologies Committee

Room photo of Is Your Agency Ready for IP Telephony? seminarThe NYS OFT is exploring the technology of using voice over IP (VoIP). Utilizing IP Telephony, OFT will be able to combine voice, data and video into an integrated enterprise infrastructure using TCP/IP and related protocols. An RFP is being written with a planned release later in 2006 seeking viable enterprise solutions to migrate from traditional PBX's and Centrex systems to IP Telephony.

In support of this initiative The Forum's Emerging Technologies Committee hosted an in-depth seminar on VoIP that explored: technical requirements and architectures; business drivers and applications, and; the benefits and challenges that will surround the deployment of this expanding technology.

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Agenda and Presentations


John Rotondaro, Project Manager for VoIP/IPT Services, NYS OFT

The introduction provided an overview of the genesis of OFT's VoIP initiative and the planned roadmap for advancing the project.

VoIP - Design Challenges and Solutions

Mark Nash, IP Communications Specialist, Upstate NY Enterprise Region, Cisco Systems Inc.

This presentation provided an overview of the various architectural models for VoIP and highlighted design considerations including capacity planning, network design, quality of service (QoS), and security.

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Navigating Through Convergence and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Technologies

Mark Sabatini, Regional Director, Enterprise Technical Centers of Excellence, AT&T

This presentation featured the key points of convergence which creates an integrated operating environment including: enabling networks with multi-protocol label switching (MPLS); virtual private networks (VPN); using IP-enabled services, such as voice, video, conferencing and messaging services, and; integration options for mobile and fixed access.

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VoIP - Business Drivers and Benefits

Bob Gaughan, Senior Consultant, Enterprise Solutions, Nortel Networks

This presentation detailed the many reasons why organizations are deploying VoIP as an enterprise solution including: business continuity and disaster readiness; centralized PBX management; any-time any-where communications; enhanced agency collaboration; improved productivity; constituent satisfaction; and, simplification of "moves, adds, and changes".

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Deploying VoIP - A Case In Point

Mac Carlton, Director of Technology, Bethlehem Central School District

Bethlehem Central School District is comprised of 7 schools and employs some 700 teachers and educational support staff to serve 5,100 students in grades K-12. This presentation provided an overview of the challenges and benefits of deploying a new converged network that utilizes VoIP to deliver digital-quality voice transmission. The infrastructure was created from the ground up to eliminate legacy equipment and ensure data transmission speeds and quality of service (QoS) throughout the network.

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