Webmasters' Guild Meeting: Friday, Feb 5

We're teaming up with the Accessibility Workgroup to address topics of recent and ongoing interest. The format is presentation and open discussion:

Opening Items (@15 minutes)

  • PDF Accessibility - in light of recent listserv discussions, we'll briefly address and discuss and hopefully clarify this topic further, although the Accessibility Workgroup is planning upcoming training sessions on this topic that will deal with it more in-depth.
  • Section 508 and the NYS accessibility policy - This is still an issue in development at the state level. However, we do want to discuss and clarify (without getting into too much detail at this point) the current policy and best practices along with what may be in the works with Section 508. The Accessibility Committee will be doing more with this in the coming weeks and months as it evolves.

Main Presentations and Discussion (@60-90 minutes)

  • Accessibility for Web2.0/Social Media - featuring best practice tips and demonstrations for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Estelle Council (Parole) will discuss some recent work the workgroup has been doing on Web2.0 Accessibility for the Forum; Jeff Bennett (CIO/OFT) will provide a screen reader demo for Twitter and Facebook; Jason Cortes (GOER) will show an accessible RSS approach to updating Facebook, Twitter and talk about the APIs for these types of products.

Final Items (@30-60 minutes)

  • Open Forum - general discussion on any current items of interest, including recent listserv threads.

Accessibility has been a ongoing issue of concern and a recent hot topic on our listserv, so this will be a good opportunity to explore the issues further and engage in good discussion. Plus, learn more about what the Accessibility Workgroup has been doing recently and what they have planned.


Time & Place:

  • Friday, February 5, 2010
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
  • Huxley Museum Theatre, Cultural Education Center, Empire State Plaza, Albany NY

This session is open at no charge to:

  • All state and local government employees
  • IT Corporate Roundtable members