Webmasters' Guild Meeting: Friday, March 5

"Project and Code Vital Signs," presented by Brian Hart, CGI, Webmasters' Guild Co-Chair

Just as the medical field has a 'chart' for any patient with its vital signs (body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate) both your project and source code have similar measurable vital signs. It is important to distinguish Vital Signs from health - however each project stakeholder can consider vital sign readings as part of their 'diagnosis'. Examples include "Code Dependency Analysis", "Team Perceptions", "Budget Burn Down", and "Cyclomatic Complexity". This presentation will review a selection of project and code vital signs and review techniques to gather and present them.

"Migrating from 'state.ny.us' URL to '.gov' URL," presented by Cathleen Kittle, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

This was a recent discussion on our listserv and Cathy Kittle has offered to share the experiences of DEC in making the transition. This will be an open forum and discussion type of presentation featuring problems encountered, processes enacted, lessons learned, best practices, etc. both as they related directly to the Web and indirectly to email, paper publications, etc. All attendees and agencies are encouraged to share their own experiences or expectations with this transition.

Open Floor Brainstorming

For any other items from the listserv or other topics that anyone cares to bring to the floor or discuss. Recent topics include URL Shortener for NYS; Mobile Apps development, Link Management (approaches and software); Credit Card Payments (home-grown, outsourcing, paypal). I'd like to see if we can at least get started on some of these topics and see if we want to carry them over for a more focused brainstorming, open session at the April meeting.

Time & Place:

  • Friday, March 5, 2010
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
  • Huxley Museum Theatre, Cultural Education Center, Empire State Plaza, Albany NY

This session is open at no charge to:

  • All state and local government employees
  • IT Corporate Roundtable members