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Introduction to HTML5/CSS3/jQuery

Friday, April 13, 2012
9:00 - 11:00 am
8:30 am Check-In
Meeting Room 5, ESP Convention Center, Albany, NY

In response to requests for a basic tutorial on HTML 5, this session is designed as a "Why and How to" for those just starting out, those yet to begin, or those who have been using HTML5, but would benefit from a session and discussion on principles and practices.

This session will cover the fundamental building blocks of HTML5, new features and capabilities offered by HTML5, and fallback options for different browsers. Presenters will demonstrate how to create new Web pages and applications using HTML5, and how to convert existing pages to HTML5 while addressing why and when it should be done. A focus on the accessibility components of HTML5 will be included.

The session is not intended to cover all there is to know about HTML5 or highlight only its flashiest features, but to provide a good, solid understanding of why you should consider (if not already using) HTML5, how to do it, and what it means for accessibility. Follow up sessions are being planned that will focus on advanced capabilities such as embedding video and audio and mobile app development.

Presenters / Topics:

  • Rick Allen, Technical Director, Logic Technology, Inc. Rick has specialized in web development and OOAD for 15 years for large clients in both the private and public sectors. His cutting edge work has identified him as a Subject Matter Expert. Rick's most recent work has focused on Business Process Optimization with a proprietary tool and designing an open source solution for the student loan industry.
  • Marty Navojosky, Information Technology Specialist 3, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Marty has extensive experience using JAWS as a testing tool for Web site accessibility and has been a popular presenter at previous NYS Forum accessibility events. Marty will be using his expertise and experience to provide another active demonstration on the use of JAWS with HTML5.
  • Topics to be addressed:
    • History behind HTML4, XHTML, and HTML5
    • Basic elements of an HTML5 page
    • Mobile web and what the future holds. How to improve mobile web experience
    • Static content vs. data driven sites
    • Key components, new features, CSS3
    • How to enhance accessibility
    • Why convert and what is involved
    • Browsers - which to support, old browsers, compatibility, javascript
    • Demo of new features with a look at code

Who should attend?

  • Technical Staff (web and application developers)
  • Management Level (Directors, Managers, Supervisors) to see what's possible with HTML5/CSS3/jQuery and why it should be used
  • Program/Business Operations (e.g.; Procurement, PIO) to understand what new capabilities may be available to help them meet their objectives.

Content Level:

  • Beginner: Awareness/Basic Concepts
  • Intermediate: Skill Development

Cost & Registration:

  • Free to Members of The NYS Forum, Inc. (Government and ITCR)
  • $50 Per Employee of Non-Member Government Agencies (dues are not current).
    • Registration Fee is Non-refundable
    • Payment must be received by Wed., April 11, 2012
  • If you would like more information regarding your agency membership status, contact Rebecca Buchner at [email protected] or (518) 438-7414

Registration: Register by April 11, 2012

  • All attendees must pre-register for this event
  • On-site registration is not available; walk-ins will not be admitted.


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