Webmasters' Guild Meeting: Friday, April 2

Webmasters' Guild Meeting, Friday, April 2, 2010, 9:00 am - Noon, NYS Museum Huxley Theatre

The meeting is on Good Friday, so if you plan on attending, please register at http://www.nysforum.org/events/wmg_4_2_2010/ so we can get a preliminary headcount. The meeting is focused on the future in more of Town Hall approach to what the Webmasters' Guild should be. If you've ever thought "I wish the Webguild would quit doing ..." or "I wish the Webguild would start doing ...," this is a good chance to get that on the table. We'll also have OCIO/OFT on the agenda -- which will be a regular part of our meetings from now on -- and is one of the positive outcomes of our recent discussions with them. Also, a mini-presentation on XML. I expect we may be done by 10:30.

We're still looking for presenters for our May meeting on "Intranet Challenges for Webmasters" (more info below). Please email Chris Ford at [email protected] if you can contribute.

Agenda for April 2:

  • Opening Remarks and Announcements (5 minutes)
  • Update from OCIO/OFT, Terri Daly (5 minutes)
  • Mini-Presentation on XML Database and XQuery: A Brief Introduction, Jim Costello (20 minutes)
    • Simliarities and differences between XML database and relational database
    • When and why you might use an XML database
    • XQuery syntax and use
    • Examples of XQuery and XML Database in action
  • Brainstorming and Open Discussion on Webmasters' Guild Activities (60 minutes)
    • We've had the monthly meeting and listserv for many years now as our primary activity, but it's time to explore new and additional ideas for how we can all use the Webmasters' Guild most effectively.
    • This is a chance to bring ideas forward along with ways to make them happen (hopefully)
    • We have a large membership (@400) comprising a wide range of job titles, responsibilities, and expertise -- and we always have lots of good ideas expressed at the meetings (usually 75 or more in attendance) or on the listserv. We might as well use that to improve what we do, including ways to reach out to other Forum workgroups, across agencies, and state borders.
    • All ideas are welcome; we'll collect them, discuss them, possibly categorize and rank them. The goal is to keep what's working and improve it; get rid of what's not working; and throw in some new stuff that may work better.
    • We may do this again before the summer and in other venues to get as much input as possible.

Time & Place:

  • Friday, April 2, 2010
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
  • Huxley Museum Theatre, Cultural Education Center, Empire State Plaza, Albany NY

This session is open at no charge to:

  • All state and local government employees
  • IT Corporate Roundtable members