WebEx presentation from the Webmasters' Guild

Topic: Learn how using styles can make your Word documents look more professional, and be more searchable and accessible on the web. This session for Microsoft Word users will demonstrate some easy techniques to make your documents better.

Presenter: Cathy Kittle, Publications and Internet Director at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

  • You may want to bring this webinar to the attention of your content providers or anyone in your organization that creates Word documents that are ultimately used on the web, particularly as PDFs. The presentation is specifically targeted toward this audience and contains very useful and easy-to-follow tips guaranteed to make your life and their life easier.
  • Members of the Webmasters' Guild who are not in Albany and/or usually unable to attend our monthly meetings are encouraged to register and attend this webinar, even if you already know everything you need to know about the topic. This is our first attempt at a webinar and we'd like to make them a regular feature of the guild on a variety of topics, especially to extend our outreach to those we can't reach with the monthly meetings. So we'd like to get your impressions and feedback and suggestions for future webinars as a result of this one.
  • In addition to the topic, we are also interested in testing out the webinar tool so anyone and everyone's participation will be helpful in that regard. We want to test our approaches to presentation and interactivity, questions from the audience, etc.


Note: Presentation link below open in a new window. If you are unable to open the provided format or require a different one, please contact us and we will provide an alternative format.