How to Get Involved with the NYS Forum - New and Existing Members

Attend Events

The Forum's online calendar offers listing of all Forum activities (meetings and events).

NYS Forum Events
The Forum's events deal with an extremely wide wide range of topics of importance to information technology leadership and professionals. To be up to date on what's being offered by the NYS Forum you should make it a practice to check the online calendar.
NYS Forum Work Group Meetings
Attending a work group meeting is open to you as a member of the NYS Forum. Visit the online calendar for information on work group participation (date, time, location and frequently the agenda for the next meeting) or view the work groups sections on this site.

Participate on Any Work Group

Once you are a member you can become involved in any one (or more) of the Forum's work groups. View general information on the work groups and their work or more specific information on the work group accomplishments and plans for the current year. Once you are a member of a work group you may express an interest in becoming a work group co-chair. Each work group has co-leaders representing the government sector as well as the Corporate Roundtable. In some instances there may be multiple co-chairs from a given sector. In such a case it most frequently represents the desire to share the leadership responsibility more broadly. If you desire to become a work group leader you should discuss it with the current work group leadership or contact the Executive Director of the NYS Forum. View Standard Operating Procedures for Selection of Forum Work Groups Leadership