Accessibility/Using This Web Site

Web Site Accessibility

The NYS Forum attempts to make our web site accessible to all visitors. If you are unable to access any information or utilize any electronic service on our site, please call (518) 438-7414 or send us a description of your accessibility issue. Your issue will be referred to appropriate staff and, where feasible, we will provide you with an alternate means of access to the requested material.

Tips for Using This Web Site

External Link ((External Link))

Links to external web sites are followed by an icon ((External Link)) to indicate that the link goes to another web site.

File Types and File Size

If a document is available in a format other than HTML, there will usually be an icon after the link to indicate the format as well as the file size. The following are examples of document icons you might see:

  • PDF Document Icon indicates an Adobe PDF file.
  • Microsoft Word Document Icon indicates a Microsoft Word Document.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Icon indicates a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

If you require a document in a different file format than we currently provide, you can request it from us and we will try to accommodate you.

In most cases, documents of the above file types will also display the size of the file after the icon. This can help you determine how long it will take for a larger file to download.