Information Security


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Scott Rogler,
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Sanjay Goel,
NYS CIFA, SUNY at Albany,
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Greg Nellis,
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The NYS Forum, in collaboration with the public sector and IT Corporate Roundtable members, continues its focus on the essential issues of security. The Information Security Workgroup will look to expand its scope to encompass Secure System Development Lifecycle, Security Awareness, Penetration and Vulnerability testing, Incident Response, Data protection, and Identity Access Management (IAM). All of these have become increasingly hot topics, based on the recent data breaches in both the public and private sector.

The objective of the Information Security Workgroup is to work in collaboration with state and local agencies to develop education and training opportunities and identify tools and processes that address security issues. The workgroup has a working relationship with the NYS Office of the CIO and continues its strong relationship with the NYS Enterprise Information Security Office. The alliance with the public sector and IT Corporate Roundtable members has resulted in several security webcasts each year and it will continue to be a focus.