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311 Mobile:
Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile

December 2, 2015
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
(11:30 am Check-In)
NYC Law Department
100 Church St., 2-160B, NY, NY

Webinar available for this event

Alberto Ng, a senior Scrum Practitioner, will lead a Project Spotlight session sharing his experiences with the 311 Mobile Project and DoITT's transition from Waterfall to Agile

The 311 Mobile App replaced a first generation app that offered limited service options and was not integrated with the City's enterprise platform. DoITT, Digital, and 311 teamed to define a customer-centric App offering one-stop complaint reporting, information services, social media access, and the ability to push alerts and notifications.

The 311 Mobile App solved a twofold challenge: meeting customers where they are and making 311 more available through self-service channels. On-the-go, civic-engaged customers demanded more options than phone and web access to 311, while strategically the City needed more lower-cost service delivery channels, without sacrificing quality standards, to manage costs. The Mobile App offered a customer-friendly and enterprise based solution to solve the business problem. Current beneficiaries include local business owners reporting street conditions, residents submitting quality of life complaints, and civicminded constituents acting as sensors to help the City fix and improve infrastructure, all who can now use an integrated app to expedite reporting and track progress.

Alberto will share DoITT's Agile Scrum adoption as part of giving context to the shift on the 311 project including the challenges and successes him and his team faced.

Although the format of the session will allow for questions from attendees, we encourage registrants to submit questions in advance by emailing The NYS Forum Project Management Workgroup Member, Russ Kiernan at [email protected]


Alberto Ng is a senior project manager and experienced Scrum practitioner. With a computer science background from RPI, and having a previous career as a software development manager, Alberto has a deep understanding of the challenges that come from building good software. He has helped establish Agile processes for companies like JetBlue, Deloitte, and DoITT, at the City of New York, and is always eager to help other organizations adopt the Agile way.


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