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Business Innovations & Emerging Technologies Workgroup Presents:

Effective Use of Data and Analytics 2.0

December 9, 2015
9:00 am - 11:30 am
(8:30 am Check-In)
Radisson Hotel Albany
205 Wolf Road, Albany, NY

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Presentation Overview

Please join us as we address a pressing need in government: effective use of data and analytics. This event seeks to meet the needs of members of government who are touching the technology in data analysis and looking for insight into how they can overcome technical obstacles and gain efficiencies in their efforts to reduce costs and improve services. Through examples from experience in NYS government, attendees will expand their knowledge pertaining to:

This is a great talk for you if you want to figure out:

  • Steps that should be taken in preparing / identifying data for analysis
  • Technical considerations in selecting your tools and method of analysis
  • The role of technical considerations in identifying achievable goals
  • How to respond to and overcome unforeseen technical challenges

Featured Presentations:

The Value of Data Analysis -
Using Reliable Data and Visualization to Drive Success in New York State
Jim Van Avery - Managing Director, CMA Consulting Services' Systems Integration Division
Brett Uytiepo - Practice Director, CMA Consulting Services‚?? Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Practice
Building a Predictive Foster Care and Facilities Model -
How we set objectives, analyzed data, and what we learned along the way
Sid Frank - Director, KPMG
Solutions in Data Analytics - New Addition to the Agenda!!! -
The Department of Tax and Finance Experience
Dr. Patrice Cohen - Director Enterprise Information Management, RT cluster, New York State Office of ITS
Opening Remarks / Closing Insights / Questions for Our Presenters and Moderator -
Barbara Cohn - New York State Chief Data Officer