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NYC Innovation & Emerging Technologies Workgroup Presents:

Culture of Innovation in NYC Government Series

Citywide Payments & Receivables Services

June 14, 2016
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
(10:30 am Check-In)
NYC Department of Law
100 Church St, New York, NY

Webex available for this event

Presentation Overview

Innovation is not just a buzz word; every employee regardless of their role in their organization can innovate! The projects featured in the Culture of Innovation in NYC Government Series are examples which allow staff to see why and how others in government have developed innovative solutions in addressing ordinary challenges to the benefit of the people of New York.

This presentation will focus on the innovative and unique manner in which the NYC Department of Finance has developed the Citywide Payments & Receivable Services (CPRS) program. The presentation will include an overview of the challenges and business drivers that led to the CPRS project, the development actions and a review of the benefits to the City.

Join us in these sessions that are sure to inspire innovation in you!


  • David M. Spier, Director, Citywide Payments & Receivables Project Finance Information Technology, NYC Department of Finance
  • Jackie Kane, Senior Director, Strategic Planning & Communications Citywide Payments & Receivable Services, NYC Department of Finance