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ITS uniteNY Network Consolidation

June 23, 2015
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
(2:00 pm Check-In)
Holiday Inn Albany
205 Wolf Road, Albany, NY

Also available via Webinar

Overview of the Presentation

JR Katinas, NYS IT Consultant Project Manager, will lead a Project Spotlight session sharing his experiences with the uniteNY Network Consolidation Project.

As part of New York State's IT Transformation Initiative, the Enterprise Shared Services model was born. The uniteNY program name was developed to help communicate a branding for this overarching Enterprise Shared Service initiative. uniteNY encompasses many sub-projects, each with specific goals and objectives, that fall under the umbrella of the original Unified Communications / Network Convergence strategies.

This presentation will focus on the Network Consolidation portion of uniteNY which provides opportunities to leverage existing resources achieve organizational efficiencies and provide significant cost savings. As with any enterprise wide project, there comes risks, challenges and lessons learned. JR will provide an overview of the project and will answer questions around the approach to this ITS enterprise project.

Participants are asked to keep this presentation interactive and to provide comments on similar project experiences.

Although the format of the session will allow for impromptu questions from attendees, we encourage registrants to submit questions in advance by emailing The NYS Forum Project Management Workgroup Member, Mary Hayden-Cook at: [email protected]

Attendee participation during the session will be strongly encouraged.

Presenter Bio:

JR Katinas has been working in the technology industry since 1996. He has held various positions in Software Development, Telecommunications and Networking and has been involved in many large scale technology migration projects. He began working on the VoIP portion of the uniteNY Program as a consultant in May of 2013 and has moved over to the Network Consolidation portion of the project in January of this year.