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RFP Best Practices in Information Technology Procurements

Leo PfohlOn March 6th, over 150 public and private sector buyers and sellers were on hand to discuss approaches, opportunities, challenges and ideas to help achieve mutually successful information technology procurements through effective Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Leo Pfohl, Vice President of Genesys Consulting Services, welcomed the attendees and thanked all the panelists for giving of their time to address this important topic.  John Traylor, Chief Procurement Officer for the State of New York, provided introductory remarks and discussed the overall transformation underway in New York State government and the desire to be more efficient and effective in carrying out their mission.  New York State is learning about and adopting best practices from the private sector and from other governments.  Traylor noted that this event was a perfect opportunity to support that effort.

Facilitators Peter Chynoweth, Vice President of CMA, and Mark Kleinhenz, Purchasing Team Leader of NYS OGS, led the panelists and attendees through a very interactive discussion of topics relevant for issuers of and respondents to RFPs.  The morning session was focused on RFP Process & Administration Best Practices and included topics related to RFP Development, RFP Post-Release issues, and RFP Post-Proposal Receipt matters.  The afternoon agenda included in-depth discussion of topics related to Risk Mitigation and Terms and Conditions in addition to other contractual subjects.Panelists

RFP Process & Administration Best Practices
Panelists included:
David Burmaster, Contract Management Specialist, NYS OGS
Jeff Dickert, Strategic Relationship Manager, Deloitte
Don Greene, Director of Local Government Procurement, NYS OGS
Sheila Long, Contract Management Specialist, NYS OMH
George Mitchell, Director of Business Development State and Local Government, Visionary Integration Professionals
Joel Rubin, Project Manager, NYS OMH
Dan Wall, General Counsel, CMA
Ruth Walters, President, The Walters Group

PanelistsRFP Scope Best Practices
Panelists included:
Jana Springer Behe, General Counsel & COO, NYSTEC
Lisa Fox, Associate Attorney, NYS OGS
Elise Hiller, Senior Contracts Manager, Linium
John McGrath, Associate Attorney, NYS DCJS
Rich Redlo, Assistant Counsel, NYS OSC
Georgetta Scales, Manager Pubic Sector Contracts, Citrix.

Approaches and strategies for risk mitigation with vendor performance and contractual terms and conditions were the overall focus of the afternoon segment.

PanelistsAfter months of planning and weeks of meetings with the panelists, the result was a great discussion of relevant and important topics that are of great concern to the stakeholders in IT procurements.  Significant audience participation through questions and comments added to the exchange of ideas already present due to the expertise and experience of the panelists selected for this event.  Consistent with the mission of The NYS Forum, this event provided a day filled with knowledge sharing, communication of perspectives on key issues, and even confirmation of mutual agreement on important RFP issues.

The potential for follow-on sessions on related topics was discussed and will be evaluated in the future.  An added benefit was that people doing similar jobs in separate organizations had an opportunity to network during the day.  Our hope is that making those connections will help everyone to continue to learn, share ideas, and be more effective in the future.Attendees

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