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ITS Finance, Regulation and Gaming Cluster Update

The NYS Forum IT Corporate Roundtable (ITCR) held its first meeting of this new fiscal year on Thursday, October 24th at the Fort Orange Club.  We were honored to have Dr. Daniel Chan, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Finance, Regulation and Gaming (FRG) Cluster of the NYS Office of Information Technology Services join us as our guest speaker.

Having held leadership roles previously in both the public and private sectors, Dr. Chan brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and innovative ideas to his role as the CIO.  ITCR members were excited to have Dan share his vision, goals and plans as he drives the Finance, Regulation and Gaming cluster through this IT transformation.  Some projects already in progress and forthcoming include:  case management; web development; analytics and business intelligence; call center consolidation; CRM; and application modernization, to name a few.  Dan emphasized that all these projects are tied to four common themes: (1) Enhance and Sustain Customer Service, (2) Drive Economic Efficiencies, (3) Investing in the Foundation of IT Services, and (4) Sharing Talent Pool across the Organization.  Dan also spoke about the importance of IT Governance and the IT Strategic Planning Board Meeting and collaboration throughout the organization.