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Making it LEAN

On February 26th The Project Management Workgroup hosted an event spotlighting the philosophy/method of LEAN Management. This panel was led by Andy Clark, Anne Marie Rainville and Shoshanah Bewlay who focused on the meaning of the LEAN system, the mindset, and the goals of LEAN methods. The presentation also covered how ITS is currently using Lean to analyze its own business processes and the challenges or hardships that have shown itself while implementing these LEAN concepts.

The audience was then asked to partake in an interactive drawing exercise that would display a firsthand example of the basics of LEAN concepts.

The event concluded with an active and dynamic Q & A session where the entire panel of presenters joined in to provide answers and more information.

The presentation and reference materials may be viewed at:

Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.

February 26th Making it Lean