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Evolution of Business Process

The NYS Forum Business Analysis / Architecture Workgroup held a May 27, 2015 event at the Albany Marriott titled "Evolution of Business Process". Two guest speakers headlined the event and presented to a crowd (in person and on web) of roughly 80 NYS Forum members. The event that was rescheduled from May 14th, included Brad Kramer, Sr. Business Technology Architect, CA Technologies and Bill Kilmartin, Director, Accenture

The session was kicked off and moderated by Todd Britton, NYS Office of the State Comptroller, who gave a brief overview of the topics to be discussed and introductions of the presenters.

Brad Kramer and Bill Kilmartin both put forth very informative and thought provoking presentations that discussed their thoughts and ideas on the beginning stages of the BA process and what steps should be taken even prior to any business design activity. Each presentation covered what they felt was most important and where to begin when given a project that focuses on either process improvement opportunities or one that is replacing/sun-setting an existing system. Both Mr. Kramer and Mr. Kilmartin provided real world examples to support their speaking points by using case studies and experiences that they?ve encountered throughout their careers and the process and methods employed with how they dealt with any issues, challenges, or objectives.

The event concluded with an active and dynamic Q & A session mediated by Todd Britton and David Nagy, NTT Data, where the presenters joined in to provide answers and more information to any questions presented by the audience.

The presentation and reference materials may be viewed at::

Thanks to all of those who attended and to Brad Kramer and Bill Kilmartin for their informative presentations.

Evolution of Business Process