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Effective Use of Data and Analytics

On September 17th, Business Innovations & Emerging Technologies Workgroup hosted an event spotlighting the Effective Use of Data and Analytics. This event featured a number of presenters and panelists who addressed a number of subtopics in a pressing need in government: effective use of data. This session brought together an audience of both business managers and technology staff to develop a shared understanding as to why data analysis is important and to what steps can be taken to help a business unit collect useful data while positioning itself for meaningful analysis

John E. Ulberg, Jr - Chief Financial Officer for Medicaid and Director of the Division of Finance and Rate Setting for the Office of Health Insurance Programs; New York State Department of Health and Ryan S. Hayden - Director KPMG Healthcare Advisory; KPMG, LLP, were the first to present and their topic was "Using Scalable Analytics to get more out of Medicaid". They presented a case study illustrating both positive effects and challenges associated with analytics.

Following was a presentation by Kay Meyer - Principal Industry Consultant for State and Local Government; SAS. "Achieving the Benefits of Analytics in the Public Sector" explained the ideas of what is possible, how do you do it and where do you start?

Next up was a number of panelists which covered the topic "What we''ve learned about using data, what we know, and where we''re going". During this, a collection of experiences and insight was shared to the audience by Michael St. John - Manager, New Application Development Unit; NYSED, Allyson Burns - Manager of Reporting and Data Quality; NYSERDA, William F. Johnson - Geographic Information Officer; OITS, and Emily Leckman-Westin, Ph.D - Director, Data Analysis, Bureau of Evidence Based Services and Implementation Science; OMH.

The event concluded with an active and dynamic Q & A session where the entire panel of presenters joined in to provide answers and more information to the audience.

The presentation and reference materials may be viewed at:

Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.

Effective Use of Data and Analytics