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Application Container Technology

On March 29, 2016, The NYS Forum NYC Innovation & Emerging Technologies Workgroup hosted an event entitled "Trending Emerging Technologies Benefiting Government Application Container Technology". Tej Tenmattam, Principal Solution Specialist, Oracle Corp., Sriram Vasantha, Development Manager, NYC Department of Sanitation, and Bernard Clairmont, Sr. Principal Consultant, CA Technologies, spoke to the crowd of roughly 80 attendees (in person and webinar)

The event which took place at the NYC Department of Transportation, took on the Topic of Containerization. With the rapidly changing pace of technological innovations, government is constantly struggling to get new services to its constituents faster. There are a number of new technologies that may change the ways in which government develops applications. Containerization has been identified as a technology with growing interest within the government community. This session provided an understanding of the solutions approach of Containerization technology.

The presenters shared their experiences and covered topics that included:

  • What is Containerization?
  • Can this technology help agencies build software faster with more agility?
  • What are the risks to be considered?
  • How is government using this technology now?

Following the presentations, there was an active and dynamic Q&A/Open Discussion session where the audience joined in to discuss issues, experiences, and thoughts on the topic of discussion. The event was extremely constructive and turned into an invigorating and captivating exchange of information and ideas providing much food for thought and plans for action.

The presentation slide deck and presenter''s bio may be viewed at:

Pictures taken at the event may be viewed on our facebook page:

Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.

Application Container Tech