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Drupal User Group September Meeting

On September 28, 2016, The NYS Forum Web and Accessibility Workgroup held their Drupal User Group September Meeting led by Eric Steinborn, Web Developer, NYS Office of the Attorney General. This month's meeting featured a live stream of DrupalCon which was hosted in Dublin, Ireland

Tom Atkins, Web Developer, NYS ITS WebNY, was an attendee at this year''s DrupalCon and facetimed with the Forum User Group to provide an update on the event while giving his thoughts and experiences. The audience of roughly 25 was able to view a simulcast of the session that Tom was attending: "Drupal 8 Theming in Depth" by Lauri Eskola. The actual slides used from the DrupalCon event can be found here:

Following the live stream, the User Group brought it back home to speak on "Drupal Beginners Corner" and how to install Drupal 8 on a new server. A walkthrough on how to get it up and running and the differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

The presentation may be viewed at:

Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.

Pictures taken at the event may be viewed on our facebook page: