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Effective Use of Data and Analytics 4.0
Launching Your Data Project

The NYS Forum Business Innovations & Emerging Technologies Workgroup hosted an event entitled "Effective Use of Data and Analytics 4.0 - Launching Your Data Project" on December 8th, 2016. The event proved to be a constructive and informative presentation that addressed a pressing need in government: effective use of data. This session was part of an ongoing series on the use of data and analytics within government and was attended by roughly 100 attendees (in person and on web).

Government agencies possess a tremendous amount of data, but that data cannot be utilized to reduce costs and improve services if data analysis projects are not launched. That is why the Business Innovations & Emerging Technologies Workgroup dedicated a session to getting started in data analysis. Opening remarks made by Billy Obenauer, NYSTEC, and Co-chair of the BI&ET workgroup, Billy helped to hone in on the overall objective of the event; getting started in Data Analytics and getting an idea off of the ground.
Julie Richards - Director, CGI US Healthcare Solutions followed up with an overview on how to get started on a data project. She reviewed the tools to take away, and also spoke about past experiences with what did and did not work for her.
Next up was Kevin Mehta - Director, KPMG LLP and Sara Novakovic - KPMG LLP. Both discussed how to get started with data analytics and how to effectively use it. Overall, they covered how to move an organization toward leveraging insights to drive stakeholders.

Following the presentation, there was an active and dynamic Q&A/Open Discussion session involving those in person and on the webex. The event was extremely constructive and turned into an invigorating and captivating exchange of information and ideas providing much food for thought and plans for action

The presentation may be viewed at:

Pictures taken at the event may be viewed on our facebook page:

Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.