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Vendor Responsibility
What does it really mean?
NYS Office of the State Comptroller

The NYS Forum IT Procurement Workgroup hosted an event entitled "Vendor Responsibility - What does it really mean?" on June 6, 2017.  The event proved to be a constructive and informative presentation that addressed what it means to be a responsible vendor in New York State. The event was attended by roughly 80 members (in person and on web) at The NYS Forum.

Carol O'Connor, Section Head, Grants and Vendor Responsibility, NYS Office of the State Comptroller and Ruth Walters, Owner, The Walters Group were the featured presenters for the Tuesday morning session. Items that were discussed included:

  • What is vendor responsibility?
  • What does it mean to be a responsible vendor?
  • How do I, as an agency procurement representative, ensure that my vendor is responsible?
  • As a vendor, what happens if I have had some issues in the past?
  • Do past issues preclude me from contracting with NYS or NYC government?

In addition to addressing those questions and misunderstandings listed above, the presenters addressed the various aspects of vendor responsibility determinations from both the government and corporate perspectives.

The presentation, slide deck, and  recording may be viewed at:

Pictures taken at the event may be viewed on our facebook page:

Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.

Vendor Responsibility