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SharePoint Online Site Owner Training (SPOC)
Graduation Ceremony

The January 2018 SharePoint Community of Practice Meeting included a graduation ceremony for the SharePoint Online Site Owner Training (SPOC).  We congratulate the 57 students from 15 NYS agencies who graduated the 2017 SharePoint Site Owner Training and achieved the ITS T.E.C.H. Certificate in SharePoint Site Ownership on Tuesday, January 9th.

The ITS Learning and Talent Management Office along with ITS Workplace Services offered the SharePoint Online Site Owner Training (SPOC). The course introduced participants to Office 365 - SharePoint's new interface which wraps many different Microsoft technologies into one collaborative solution. The course provided learners with an opportunity to interact with experienced SharePoint Developers and Designer from the SharePoint community and to learn and grow from their shared experience.

SharePoint Online Site Owner Training SPOC provided learners with:

  • online learning and in-person labs
  • access to experienced SharePoint Mentors discuss issues or obstacles they encounter during their development projects
  • clear outline of roles and responsibilities of site owner
  • concise steps to assist you with setup of your SharePoint site
  • understanding of how to setup, libraries, lists and web parts
  • labs and assignments to learn how to setup permissions and groups

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