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Session 2: Intelligent Transportation
what is happening at the federal government level and how are other states responding?

"Intelligent transportation" is all around us: in our cars, on the roads, with new and innovative applications being conceived and deployed on a regular basis. The proliferation of Intelligent Transportation technologies are impacting many government functions, such as revenue collection, public safety, cybersecurity protection and the citizen experience.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America has been leading the charge to ensure coordination and collaboration in the technological modernization of our nation''s transportation system by supporting the research, deployment, and public policy for the future of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). They facilitate collaboration between private companies, public agencies, research institutions and academia while educating the public about the importance of intelligent transportation systems. Their mission is to create a policy environment that drives ITS and IoT development & deepens industry engagement.

The NYS Forum is facilitating an Intelligent Transportation Collaboration for State, City and Authority agencies within New York State. The goal of this collaboration is to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and education across the government entities.

March 15, 2018 marked the second session of the series and was a collaborative effort between the NYS Forum, ITS America, and ITS NY. "Session 2: Intelligent Transportation - what is happening at the federal government level and how are other states responding?" was attended by more than 150 members at the NYC Department of Transportation in downtown Manhattan. Presenters included: Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO ITS America; Kim Conway from the NYC Office of Legislative Affairs in Washington D.C., and NYCDOT Program Manager Mohamad Talas, PE., PhD.

Shailen Bhatt, the President and CEO of the ITS America discussed what they have been doing to support the technological modernization of the nation's transportation system. As you know ITS America's goal is to facilitate collaboration among the various stakeholders who play a role in intelligent transportation and IOT. Mr. Bhatt reviewed the current direction in Washington and answered questions regarding to how other states are addressing many of the critical issues associated with intelligent transportation and IOT.

Kim Conway from the NYC Office of Legislative Affairs in Washington D.C was on hand to discuss federal activies and outlined the concerns NYC has regarding the current senate bill that is authorizing the deployment of highly automated vehicles.

In addition, NYCDOT Program Manager Mohamad Talas, PE., PhD. joined the event to discuss the deployment of NYC's Connected Vehicle Pilot Program. Mr. Talas reviewed the programs objectives, functionality, overall concept, and the future outlook.

Following the presentation, there was an active and dynamic Q&A/Open Discussion session involving those in person and on the webex. The event was extremely constructive and turned into an invigorating and captivating exchange of information and ideas providing much food for thought and plans for action.

The presentation, slide deck, and  recording may be viewed at:

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Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.