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Digital Accessibility for NYC Agencies

On November 29th, the NYS Forum hosted an event entitled "Digital Accessibility for NYC Agencies". The event proved to be a constructive and informative presentation that addressed the importance in assuring consistent experience for all users of NYC websites. This session provided attendees with a thorough understanding of the City accessibility guidelines with role specific content and recommendations. Walei Sabry, Digital Accessibility Coordinator, Business Solutions Delivery, NYC DoITT, and Sharon Winberg, Director of Content Operations, Business Solutions Delivery, NYC DoITT, lead an engaging presentation to a group of 80+ attendees at the NYC Department of Law

The session agenda included "What is Digital Accessibility?", "Local Law 26 of 2016 Requirements", "Best practices and common accessibility barriers", "Testing", "Tutorials", "How to get started!", "Digital Accessibility Resources with recommendations for various roles"

The NYS Forum workgroups provide a venue for peer collaboration, educational events and knowledge share programs which benefit the public and private sector communities. The workgroup program focus areas for the upcoming year will be based on the outcomes of this planning session. Guests were encouraged to share recommendations on topics and issues important to the government community.

The event concluded with an active and dynamic Q & A session involving those in attendance.

The presentation slide deck, and  materials used may be viewed at:

Pictures taken at the event may be viewed on our facebook page:

Thanks to all of those who attended and presented.

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