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Operating IT as a Business Within a Business

Kevin BeldenState government entities have made significant progress in adopting governance processes to prioritize and manage IT projects. Despite progress, agency IT organizations are often viewed as unresponsive and offering services that are not aligned with the needs of the business. These perceptions are exacerbated by increasing demands to reduce agency budgets. As government entities face these challenges is it reasonable to expect that they can also balance supply and demand for IT services, add value and satisfy their customers?

On September 9, 2011 attendees at The NYS Executive Forum: heard from Kevin Belden, Deputy Comptroller - Chief Information Officer, NYS Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) on how to Create an Internal IT Economy that supports operating IT as a business within a business. Belden presented tangible and humorous examples to examine the value and impact of consumer/provider relationships, accountability in the general marketplace and the benefit of adopting similar practices in the public sector. A divergence often exists in the roles, responsibilities and expectations we have as customers or providers in the work environment versus our life outside of work. As customers in the general marketplace we make decisions that consider our needs versus wants; our willingness and ability to pay the costs necessary to support the decision; and our expectations regarding the value, accountability and responsiveness of the service or product we purchase.  These factors are examples of what to consider when developing an internal marketplace.  To view the presentation and learn more about what OSC is doing to build their internal marketplace go to